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All the services from Business South on this Entrepreneurship Facilitators Program are provided to you free of charge when considering a business start-up.

Our Business South entrepreneurship facilitators, Sharon Harvey and Mikala Grosse, are here to help you with your start-up. They have a focus on mature age Australians. In addition they can provide tailored mentoring. Exploring business ideas and all the necessary considerations when setting up a small business are just some of the things Sharon and Mikala can help you with.

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Business Registrations

One of the many things we enjoy doing at Business South is helping clients register their Business Number and Business Name. We do this free of charge. Moreover, clients often use us as a sounding board for the name/s they have in mind. Talking ideas through with an outsider often helps.

Unfortunately – and this is something we hear all too often – people often go online and get “scammed”. A client’s friend was charged to register her ABN by one such group! Our client was very pleased to know she had saved a couple of hundred dollars by working with us.

You should register a domain name when applying for your Business Number and registering your Business Name. Even if you’re not going to set it up straight away. Be careful as some providers charge excessive fees. We know you can obtain a domain name for less than $25. Why pay more than you have to if providers offer solid features such as “search, purchase, configuration process, transparency, support, value-added services or features” and a have good reputation?

Contact us if we can help you register your business name or apply for your Australian Business Number (ABN). It’s one of the many free services we offer business startups.


Interest Free Loans

Are you a recent business start-up? Perhaps you’re considering setting up a business? Talk to us at Business South about an interest free loan – up to $3000. (Terms and Conditions do apply). Contact Sharon or Mikala for information.


Linking & Referring Clients

Business South assists with linking and referring clients to other appropriate services. These services include the Self Employment Assistance  program (formerly NEIS), training opportunities, professional mentors and relevant programs in the small business space where needed.



Business South organises workshops on relevant small business topics. One of our most popular workshops is a core workshop called “Getting Started in Small Business”. This workshop provides participants with the main concepts and considerations, as well as some tools & tricks, about setting up a small business. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • considerations before you start out
  • how to assess your business idea
  • how to plan and market
  • compliance and legal considerations
  • how to best set yourself up for success
  • available complementary services and assistance

Here are our upcoming workshops.


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