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Bluff Distillery – The Beginning

Thursday - 22 September 2022

The key driving factor for Stuart wanting to start his own business – Bluff Distillery – was to challenge himself and move out of his comfort zone. Furthermore, he believed by doing this he would be creating more work opportunities for himself.

By keeping true to his basic principles of wanting to make the entire product inhouse, Bluff Distillery was created.

Stuart approached us, his local Entrepreneurship Facilitator in Hobart, for assistance. We helped him develop a marketing plan and sought the local council approvals and licences he needed to open the distillery.

The Entrepreneurship Facilitator and his team were great in the early days of our small business. I called on his expertise on several occasions and he was more than helpful with any assistance I required.

Stuart has a strong desire to bring unique flavours to the Tasmanian spirits market. Most recently Stuart’s Bluff Distillery Smoked Almond Gin was awarded second place in the Master Cask Spirits competition in Adelaide.

During the next 12 months Stuart plans to focus on marketing and building his brand, with the aim of strengthening his presence within the local market. Bluff Distillery products are currently stocked at local liquor stores in Southern Tasmania. In addition, there are plans to hold a stall at the local Kingston Beach markets.

I continue to receive helpful tips, emails and advise from my Entrepreneurship Facilitator. They certainly provide a great service.

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