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About Us

Business South was specifically formed for the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Program aimed at assisting business start-ups.

Business South is part of the Kingborough Community Enterprise Centre – a major regional stakeholder in Southern Tasmania. KCEC has celebrated over 20 years of providing business advice and assistance to small and medium businesses. This includes start-ups, existing businesses and those looking to expand.


Scott Dufty with over 25 years experience in banking, finance and small business

Prior to Business South

Scott’s initial career spanned over 25 years in Banking and Finance. In recent times he was the Business Manager of a successful Hobart retailer. His major focus was on optimising business growth and profitability. He did this through identifying new service offerings and new market opportunities. In 2010 Scott was recruited by the local Business Enterprise Centre in Southern Tasmania.

Scott has previously owned two businesses – one a start-up, the other the purchase of a going concern. This gave Scott greater understanding and empathy for small business owners. Giving business guidance and support to existing business owners as well as those contemplating starting a business is something Scott is well versed in.

As a Business Development Manager for one of Australia’s largest banks I felt I had a good understanding of small business,” Scott said. “But then when you’re running your own show, paying wages, rent and other bills, the full comprehension of needing to make sales to meet those costs lifts your understanding. I learned a lot and enjoyed the independence of being my own boss – with the opportunities and challenges this entails.”


Prior to Business South

Sharon has over 15yrs experience in developing and owning/managing businesses in Tasmania.

As a small business owner she has assisted many individuals in establishing, maintaining, and improving their small/micro-businesses.

In Sharon’s various roles she gained experience in delivering workshops and information sessions on small business management topics. Moreover, Sharon is an advocate of authentic business practices, high touch, client focused, nurturing marketing strategies and a huge advocate of networking and building relationships.

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