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Business South was specifically formed for the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Program aimed at assisting business start-ups.

Business South is part of the Kingborough Community Enterprise Centre – a major regional stakeholder in Southern Tasmania. KCEC has celebrated over 20 years of providing business advice and assistance to small and medium businesses – start-ups, existing and those looking to expand.


Scott Dufty with over 25 years experience in banking, finance and small business

Scott’s initial career spanned over 25 years in Banking and Finance. In recent times Scott was employed as the Business Manager for a successful Hobart retailer. His major focus was on optimising business growth and profitability. He did this through identifying new ways of doing business, new service offerings and new market opportunities. Scott was then recruited by his local Business Enterprise Centre in Southern Tasmania in 2010.

Having owned two prior businesses himself – one a start-up, the other being a purchase of a going concern, has given Scott greater understanding and empathy with small business owners. Giving business guidance and support to existing business owners and those people contemplating starting a business is something Scott is well versed in.

As a Business Development Manager for one of Australia’s largest banks I felt I had a good understanding of small business – which I did” Scott said. “But then when you’re running your own show, paying wages, rent and other bills – the full comprehension of needing to make sales to meet these costs lifts your understanding of being in the zone more than you could have ever appreciated before. I enjoyed the independence of being my own boss – and the opportunities and the challenges that go with this experience as well.”

Over his years with his local Business Enterprise Centre in Southern Tasmania, Scott has been keen to organise and run events such as business breakfasts, business opportunity dinners, business expos, business awards, happy hours and workshops.

“These events are great for our clients to network in and receive business education – and to have fun as well”


Daniela is a business management professional with over 10 years of experience in developing and managing hospitality businesses in Hobart.

Originally from Germany (the not unusual story of the backpacker that got stuck….) she has translated her business background, formal business qualifications and experience into the business advisory and training environment.

She has worked as an employment program coordinator and trainer, small business consultant, as well as a business mentoring program coordinator.

With her theoretical but also practical knowledge she enjoys assisting anyone who considers starting a small business. She helps them to make informed decisions as well as helping them to develop their own thinking when it comes to building their small business. “I have learned from my own experience how continually evolving is an important part in the small business journey, along with flexibility, tenacity, as well as the willingness to come back from making mistakes.”

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