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Do you have a business idea that you would like to explore? Are you considering setting up your own business?

About Business South

The Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service is a new Australian Government funded initiative, focusing on assisting mature age Australians (Ages 45+), by providing them with free assistance to consider, plan and start their own business.

Business South (as part of the Kingborough Community Enterprise Centre) covers the Greater Hobart and South East regions in Tasmania under this program and provides practical guidance and advice on all aspects of starting and running a small business. This also includes referring to other appropriate services for further training, mentoring and possible funding.

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Here at Business South we cover greater Hobart and south-east Tasmania

We are here for you as a business partner, someone to bounce ideas off, and someone to help you find the answers.

We can advice you on all aspects of starting and running a small business as well as referring you to other enterprises that can help with further training, mentoring and possible funding.

  • Considerations before you start out
  • How to assess your business idea
  • How to plan and market
  • Compliance and legal considerations
  • How to best set yourself up for success
  • Available complementary services and assistance
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Do you have a business idea that you would like to explore? Are you considering setting up your own business?

Upcoming Events

The essence of time management when starting your small business from home

This workshop will help you to develop tools and tricks to effectively self manage working from home Increasingly there are opportunities to work from home when starting your own small business. This goes hand in hand with many advantages, but also comes with challenges and possible disadvantages. How should you spend your time whilst working
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Mature Age Entrepreneurship and how to get started in small business

Setting up your own small business later in life can present many opportunities. What are the advantages and challenges? This FREE 2-hour workshop is compromised of 2 parts. First our guest speaker, Brenda Tsiaousis, an accomplished business coach/speaker/author, will give an overview on how to successfully move forward as a mature age entrepreneur and find your business spark.
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